4 Considerations Before Buying a Quality Down Comforter
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July 5, 2019
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Down comforters also known as down duvets provide unparalleled sleep experience. Therefore, quite a few customers ask for this item from almost every Comforter bags manufacturer.

This article gives you an idea as what you look for while ordering a down comforter:

Tip 1 – Buying a Down Comforter – Fill Power

The label on a comforter is typically marked with its fill power. This number relates to the quality of the feathers used in the comforter.

The higher the fill power, the better and larger quality of the comforter’s down used. A higher ratio with higher rating als0 relates to a lighter, fluffier, warmer and more breathable comforter.

The down is measured, sterilized and pre-washed to get the space it occupies in cubic inches. A down with lower quality will be less than 400. A mid-level or average comforter will have a rating of about 500 cubic inches.

A down with higher fill power grabs more space compared to the same amount of down with the lower fill power.

Tip 2 – Buying a Down Comforter – Feathers’ Quality

Synthetic materials cannot substitute organic qualities; especially breathability. Every cluster of down has a three-dimensional structure that gobs air and keeps you warm.

Down with high quality is collected from the underbelly of a mature goose or duck. Young birds’ feathers have a weak fill and are susceptible to be broken easily.

The quality of down does not get affected by feather’s color. White and grey down from geese or duck translate to a similar quality.

Tip 3 – Buying a Down Comforter – Materials

Choose an adequate thread count.

Thread count here refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A comforter with higher thread count pertains to a tightly PP nonwoven fabrics bags supplier, who provides more elegant, softer, cozier compared to a lower thread count.

A comforter manufactured from muslin will typically have a lower thread count ranging 100-180. A luxury fabric has a thread count of over 400.

Another consideration for material used in the comforter manufacturing is the barrier weave. A barrier weaves blocks the down from slipping out from your comforter. Many a time more leak-resistant than other materials; a tightly-woven barrier also mutes the voice of feather moving inside and keeps your comforter in unmarred condition.

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Tip 4 – Buying a Down Comforter – Weight and Size

A cozier down comforter has to have an ideal weight and size to match the temperatures experienced in a bedroom.


A lightweight comforter is ideal for people who feel a bit warm at night.

A regular weight comforter is best for those who prefer to embrace the warmth and feel comfortable in bed.


A down comforter is made to fall three-quarters of the way over the bed’s edges.

It all depends upon the size of your bed. Whether its king-size, queen size, single, double or a Californian.

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